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Jessie Mum by Rita

Jessie Mum Breastfeeding Dietary Supplement from 100% Natural Ingredients, Effectively Helps to Increase Breast Milk, Contains 5 Capsules / Packet

Jessie Mum Breastfeeding Dietary Supplement from 100% Natural Ingredients, Effectively Helps to Increase Breast Milk, Contains 5 Capsules / Packet

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Jessie Mum, new and improved formula Contributes to stimulating breast milk production and increasing breast milk quality better than before. There are inclusive of more than 10 types of herbal extracts and multivitamins. The number 1 sales in Thailand, based on the results of follow-up calls from 1,599 real customers from 2022 - 2023.

Jessie Mum, a brand well-recognized by healthcare professionals has its performance guaranteed by over 300,000 of Thai mothers over 6 years. It includes the best nutrients in the most suitable proportions that help mothers to produce more and more quality breast milk, reduce stress in rehabilitation, nourish the mother's bones during the postpartum period, and strengthen the immune system of both mother and child. More importantly, it's more cost-effective than feeding the infant with formula powdered milk!

It is best suited for mothers who have breast milk shrinkage problem, especially for modern mothers who delivered by Caesarean Section (C-Section) method, which causes the body to naturally lack of breast milk production mechanisms. Jessie Mum is the answer that effectively helps to increase the breast milk production till it fits to the mother’s needs.


Jessie Mum uses ingredients from herbal extracts, containing 100% active substances, concentration up to 99.9999%

Fenugreek Extract to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland that orders the body to secrete more Prolactin Hormones which is responsible for stimulating the mammary glands to increase breast milk production.

Folic Acid increases the amount of red blood cells in the bloodstream. Make the blood quality higher and containing more nutritional value when transformed into breast milk. As a result, the milk will become thicker and more viscous.

Extracts from ginger, turmeric and coriander seed powder which are hot herbs, help to dilate blood vessels. This allows more blood to be delivered to the breast as the raw materials to produce more breast milk.


Passed the inspection and certification from the Thailand Food and Drug Administration:

License number FDA 13-1-15859-5-1114

Halal number 10-R530-001-07-66

Advertising License No. Kor Or. 2374/2566

GHPs / HACCP / ISO 22000 certified


Packing size 30 capsules / box


Active ingredients in 1 capsule

Fenugreek extract 260 mg. / Coriander powder 94 mg. / Ginger extract 80 mg. / 20% zinc amino acid chelate 29.329 mg. / Turmeric extract 25 mg. / 2% D-Biotin 2 mg. / Pyridoxine hydrochloride 1 mg. / Thiamine hydrochloride 0.3 mg. / Folic acid 0.2 m. g. / Vitamin B12 0.001 mg.

Solvents or helpers (Maltodextrin), Stabilizer (INS 428), Artificial Color (INS 171). Anticaking Agent (INS 551).


Usage Dose

Take 1-2 capsules per day before any meal, 1 capsule at a time. In an urgent recover of breast milk, the dosage could be increased up to 2 capsules / time before breakfast and dinner (Total 4 capsules per day.)



Jessie Mum has no effect on prevention or treatment of disease. Consuming regularly sufficient food and basic nutrition is necessary.


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