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Colostrum milk, colostrum from cows, powder, ready to drink, enhance immunity and growth factors, IgCo brand, IgCo Colostrum Milk

Colostrum milk, colostrum from cows, powder, ready to drink, enhance immunity and growth factors, IgCo brand, IgCo Colostrum Milk

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Colostrum milk powder, ready to drink, IgCo brand, IgCo Colostrum Milk From New Zealand (15 g. x 30 sachets)
Tear, brew, drink, just 1-2 sachets per day, and get a healthy high. Healthy body, nourish brain, nourish memory, strengthen immunity, no fat, no sugar, no trans fat.

IgCo Colostrum is a product of New Zealand pasture-raised dairy cows. It is collected from a cow that has given birth to a calf for 24-48 hours and is processed into colostrum in the form of a light yellow powder. have high nutritional value Suitable for mixing with water or milk for daily drinking.

Colostrum or colostrum is colostrum (milk head), which is the first milk that the mammary glands produce immediately. to be the first food from mother to baby It looks like thick yellow liquid. In colostrum, it is concentrated in all kinds of nutrients. Especially the type of immunity (Immunities), which will be transmitted from the mother to the child who just gave birth. and a growth factor (Growth Factor), which helps strengthen growth Therefore, it is classified as a miracle food that has outstanding properties from normal milk in terms of building growth and immunity.

All types of immune boosting proteins :-
IgG (immunoglobulin G) effectively enhances immunity Plays an important role in the process of creating new cells of the body to slow down aging
igE protection against intestinal parasites which causes a hypersensitivity reaction to milk
igM fights germs Increase the ability to eliminate viral and bacterial invasions.
igA, the first line of defense against pathogens entering the body Found in the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, protects against pathogen attack.
igD stimulates white blood cells to produce various antibodies.
Growth Factor creates growth. Encourage the baby to have good development, height, fast, strong bones nourish brain memory

Results from IgCo Colostrum :-
Stimulate mature growth
boost immunity
Nourish your bones to be strong.
Nourish the nervous system
enhance good memory
increase athletic performance
good shape
bright, waking up not tired

Safety control standards :-
FDA 10-3-07064-5-0001
Laboratory Tested
GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice certified by the International Food Standards Agency To be a product with good production and quality. safe for consumers
Made in New ZealandMade in New Zealand
Pharmaceutical Grade, production quality equivalent to pharmaceutical production

raw material :-
Semi-finished skimmed milk powder, colostrum powder

Instructions for brewing:-
Mix 1 sachet of powdered milk in plain-cold water (below 50 degrees Celsius), do not use hot water, drink 1-2 sachets per day.
*Children 3-12 years old drink 0.5-1 sachet per day (cannot replace mother's milk)

Packaging :-
1 box contains 30 sachets, 15 grams per sachet


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